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Long ago the Ancient Ones used the power of the monolith to create a new universe and escape the darkness. Since that time, rumors have persisted that the darkness has not been defeated for good, and one day this universe too will be consumed, leaving The Last Harbinger to travel into the Ancients ones universe and call to the power of the Monolith once again.

W or Up Arrow - Jump

A or Left Arrow - Walk Left

D or Right Arrow - Walk Right

Made in 48 hours for Last Minute Jam, although sadly I wasn't able to work on it nearly as much as I wanted this weekend and only got 5-6 hours of real work done. Because of that, this games lacking in a lot of ways.

Still, though, I had a lot of fun making it and I'm glad I got something out in time to keep my 1 Game a Month streak going.


The Last Harbinger.exe 4 MB

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