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Spirits of the Forest is a precision platformer with over 30+ (slightly rage inducing) levels. Run, jump, and glide your way from level to level unlocking different forms complete with their own unique ability that allow you to approach the problems with a whole new mindset.

Spirits of the Forest is about an animal messenger who, being the chosen one, must help the forest spirits look after their world by serving as their loyal messenger. In return, the spirits grant him the ability to take new forms that aid him in his journey. Beginning the story as a panther, you'll learn to transform into a kangaroo and a flying squirrel along the way, each with their own unique ability to overcome the obstacles ahead.

Now, the chosen ones unique talents are needed more than ever. The wolf-spirit Zanakalth has severed his ties with the forest-keeping spirits, choosing inside to set out on a self-serving quest to severe the barrier keeping the spirit and animal world separate. It is up to the chosen one to inform the other forest spirits of his plan so they may protect their world against Zanakalth's wrath.

WASD or Arrow Keys - Movement

Space - Interact and Change Forms

W or Up (in air as Kangaroo) - Double Jump

Hold W or Up (in air as Flying Squirrel) - Glide

A slightly improved game originally made in under 72 hours for Ludum Dare 35.

#199 Audio, #275 Graphics, #560 Overall

Programming and Design by Divitos

Music and Sound Design by Wesley Devore

Art by Hisan Iwo


Spirits of the Forest.exe 4 MB

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